For foreingn customers,
Welcome to Hokkyoku Shirokumado’s Website!

Hokkyoku Shirokumado’s products aren’t glitzy or swanky. They may not be  “Instagram” worthy, but our focus is to create products that are truly useful in daily lives with babies. Japan is a hot and humid country and the stature of most Japanese are shorter than average compared to the people in the other countries. So these product are made to fit those conditions. We also provide larger sized products for foreign venders.

We focus on choosing reliable materials for our products and for them to be produced in a safe manufacturing process. Majority of products parts are fabric and minor parts are added to compliment each product. From refining the yarn, dyeing and weaving of the fabric to the cutting and sewing and inspecting the goods with inspection meters to finally by an eye, we use long established dependable Japanese manufactures and makers.

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