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A consideration of customs regarding onbuhimo

The custom to hand over the thing to a daughter or a son’s wife still continues in Japan. For example, quite a few people must have experiences to wear clothes taken over form relatives, such as frisode (kimono with long, trailing sleeves) for coming of age celebration. However, people didn’t take over parenting goods until quite recently.


“Onbuhimo” is a tool for achieving to do Onbu.


I explained about Onbu and Onbuhimo to a mom who lives in the Southern Hemisphere.

Hi, thank you for your question. You would like to know the recent definition of onbu and what exactly proper onbuhimo is, wouldn’t you?
There is no definition of onbu, but I can say following things accoding to several documents:


The concept of Onbu and effect of Onbu

In International Babywearing Conference 2016 in Atlanta, I made presentations about onbu. I would like to write here the contents of my presentations and answer the questions I had after IBC. I will introduce you onbu from another viewpoint.


Onbu and Onbuhimo History 101

These days, onbu and onbuhimo are getting popular in the world. That’s why some people ask me some questions about onbu. I wrote this article in order to answer them.
I would like you to see a website <Japanese Babywering> that I made in 2012 to introduce onbu to foreign people, and then in this article I will explain the back ground in which Japanese people have raised our children with onbu and the changes of tools for onbu.
I am going to make a presentation about pictures, details and analysis of this article in International Babywearing Conference 2016.